Mike & Ivana Cuneo, Viterbo Italy

Organization: Mission to Italy
Location: Viterbo Italy
Website: www.missiontoitaly.com

Michael was ordained by Calvary Presbytery (PCA) in 2007 and was sent as a pastor/missionary to Viterbo, Italy, which is about an hour and a half northwest of Rome. He is laboring for the planting and building up of Italian Confessional Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Mike is married to Ivana, a native of Palermo, Sicily. she has been a believer for more than 30 years. They are engaged in a wide array of activities, ministering to those inside and outside of the church.

Pray, together with Mike and Ivana, that Christ would build His Church by saving His people and maturing them. Specifically pray with them that the Lord would raise up godly men and families. They must first be converted, and then mature to be servant leaders in their family, in their community, and in the local church.