Johnson Family

Organization: International Xchange Organization (IXO)
Location: Sweden & beyond

The central theme of the Johnson’s ministry of multiplication remains to find “faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (II Tim. 2:1-2). Gary is called by the Mississippi Valley Presbytery via International Xchange Organization (IXO) to coordinate the “Finding Faithful Men Project” (FFM). This is a ministry of mobilization for mission, where he locates, evangelizes, and equips “faithful men” of several nations. He relies on his 30 year Europe/ Africa network. FFM uses mission trips, overseas profes­sional placements alongside church planters, sports ministry, and student exchange equip future leaders to serve the Church. Gary is a consultant, networker, and mentor of nation­als. His years of church planting experience in Sweden are helpful toward plans for church planting and church revitalization in the several nations he has a network. All 14 Johnsons are dual-citizens (Sweden-USA) which gives them access without a visa to all European countries, and even to other countries closed to missionaries.