Bill & Susan Carr

Organization: Mission to the World
Location: Bemidji/Cass Lake, MN

Bill & Susan Carr serve with Mission to the World in Bemidji/Cass Lake, MN, with Native Americans. Native Americans have been exposed to the Gospel message for over 200 years, yet only 2 1/2% to 5% of Native Americans profess true Christianity, which they often speak of as White Mans’ religion. Bill is the Director of Education for Mokahum Ministry Center, a ministry that makes disciples and church leaders of Native Americans so that they can return to their churches or start new ones as indigenous leaders. Susan teaches 2nd grade on a reservation in a traditional Native American school, where the staff has only a handful of Christians. The desire for both of the Carrs is to see disciples made and the church built up for the glory of Lord Jesus within the Native American community.